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Who we are Buy1on1.com

Buy1on1.com is a website primarily designed to cut-off thievery, wastage, dishonesty, stress and the difficulties people go through all in attempt just to acquire /rent a place to lay their heads /work. Buy1on1.com as website gives both the seller and buyer a wonderful opportunity to achieve their goals. Whilst the sellers gets a medium through which they can easily sell their properties or its related accessories ,the buyer as well is offered a one stop shop for all his/her building or property acquisition needs. All these can be done in the comfort of one’s home by just using your phone, tablet, or pc. It comes with no charges. It’s for free.


It offers visitors the opportunity to purchase or sells their properties on the site. By freely publishing or searching for their property or building materials of interest.

It offers building materials sellers such as cement, sand, stone, roofing sheets, iron rods, blocks, wood etc and consumers of such products the opportunity to do good business together.

It also creates a platform for companies in the property & construction industry to have an opportunity to solicit for partners or sell their business ideas  to visitors of the site. Eg a company that do similar business outside the country may lobby for partnership in Ghana, or someone with an innovative business idea can also seek for partnership etc.

It helps to gain contacts for construction workers easily. For eg. You can visit the site and get contact to a mason, plumber, electrician, carpenter, steel binder etc.

It helps to create job opportunities for the informal sector (construction workers) by allowing them to freely inform visitors to the site that they are available to work at anytime. By living their contact and location details on the site.

It also helps to inform visitors to the site the newest and latest trends in the building and construction industry.eg. that you can put up a fireproof house at 30% off the price of normal buildings, the newest way of terking a house ,latest way of doing a manhole, etc

Buy1on1.com also helps to solve land litigation problems by availing property lawyers and consultants on its site so that visitors can engage their services to help resolve their property challenges.

Helps to reduce wastage and dishonesty as it offers buyers the opportunity to compare prices from various sellers.eg. if you want to buy a cement you can call two or three different companies to compare the prices.

It allows for property swap. You can exchange your car for land or land for car, you can even exchange you land for a house or house for land etc


Visit Ghana’s Best Market for all your property and its related needs such as Real Estates, Building and Deco Materials, Home Settings, Jobs, Property Swap, Tractors and Equipments. Buy1on1.com is your number one stop shop for all your property and its accessories.


ESTATE DEVELOPERS. They can freely showcase the lands and houses they have available to the whole world on Buy1on1.com.

PROPERTY OWNERS. If you have a property and you want to sell you can publish them for free on Buy1on1.com.

POTENTIAL PROPERTY BUYERS. Visit Buy1on1.com to view all properties for sale in Ghana to make the right choice of property you want to buy.

BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL SELLERS . let the whole world know about your company and amazing products you have for sale by publishing them for free on Buy1on1.com.

LANDLORDS . now you can easily rent or lease out your property for free by publishing it on Buy1on1.com.

TENANTS. You can log on to Buy1on1.com on your phones, tablets or pc and freely browse for the house or store of your choice to rent or lease.

CONSTRUCTION WORKERS: Masons, Plumbers, Electricians, carpenters, surveyors etc can now get more jobs to do by posting their details on Buy1on1.com.

LAWYERS. If you are a lawyer that majors in property cases you can freely showcase your details and contacts on Buy1on1.com to get more cases to handle.

CONSTRUCTORS. Get more contracts by postings your details on Buy1on1.com

AGENTS. No more wahala just post all the various properties you have for sale, rent or lease on Buy1on1.com and get all the calls and clients you want.

INVESTORS. Looking for the right places to place your investment just log on to Buy1on1.com and look out for businesses that want partnership or investment  so that you can grow your funds. ITS  FOR FREE . NO CHARGES



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